roo, lu, chick-a-dee who? is this girl crazy? i think she's a loon!

roo, lu, chick-a-dee who? is this girl crazy? i think she's a loon!

Hi, I'm Shelby...or Shibby as I'd like my friends to call me.

But they don't.

I'm the creator of this Bad Women Collective. So christened because it fit eerily well with what I was creating and who I am. I am a bad woman.

And not bad meaning good...or cool.

Bad meaning a failure, I guess, in how others view me, as society views me, as women view me. Sorry men, but I truly don't care how you view me. Maybe that's another reason why I'm bad.d

You'll see it in this brand. There'r stories within me I'm compelled to write (why isn't compulsed a word?), to think, to dream about, to build around...but then I suddenly STOP. I don't know why I stop. But I always do and then my anxiety kicks in (I call her Xie) and the task of finishing becomes *sigh* impossible.

There'r ideas I have, knits I must knit, plushies I must plush (I hope that's not a sexual term, I mean plush: (verb) to fill fabric with more cloud-cotton than you bought), dresses I must sew, beads I must embroider. But then I realize I'm missing a few things, or a few thousand things, like thread or yarn or needles or beads. And by the time the money is spent and tools assembled, I realize I'm not a good knitter or plusher (again in its non-sexual form) or Taylor or embroiderer. Or maybe it's Xie again, whistling her doomsday tune and holding me back from greatness!

Really, my mind is too chaotic and my heart, too easily infatuated.

So, I'm bad at hobbies and my dreams, but that isn't all I'm bad at. I feel guilty. Xie is whispering. Woe is you; you think you have it badd? (Xie is a sheep that extends her bahs and bads) You know that feeling when you've said too much and without anyone officially judging you (emphasis added), you've judged yourself to be: a loser, a complainer, w e a k , and worse yet, a victim.

That's not what I'm trying to do. That's not who I'm trying to be.

If you must call me something, Xie, call me self-aware.

Bad woman, bad woman. Back to being a bad woman: I have degrees in business but can't build a business. I've dated lots of guys but can't settle down—really, I don't want to settle down. That's a key point...I like being alone better than being with someone. My friends say it's because I haven't met the right person, but inside I think they're wrong (Xie agrees). I don't think there is a right person and that makes me a bad woman.

Lastly, I'm selfish and prideful, with the kind of confidence that is unshakeable (bet you didn't see that coming). It's true, I'm confident to a fault. I have determination that doesn't ever run out and because I don't care what people think, I just always do what I want to do—even if no one else wants me to.

I hear that's a trademark of a bad woman.

No one wants me to create this odd brand that focuses too much on being bad, they want me working a stable job with stable money (the last part I get).

No one wants me to be single, they want me settled down (But is it my fault prince charming hasn't appeared in my living room like a fairy prince that has been exiled from his realm with his powers and clothes stripp...I live in my head a lot.).

The truth of the matter one cares and I'm too scared to ask them to care and too smart to expect them to care.

So that's me in a nutshell, Shibby the bad woman who started a company for bad women, selling, idk whatever comes to my mind. It's random and unpredictable, but that's me. If you expect normalcy or *gasp* consistency, this isn't the place for you.u


P.S. Here is a drawing from my imaginary fashion collection I call: BAD HAUS presents Women Have Curves?



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